Chapter 1 for the first time

“To understand Balthus’s work is to listen to the stories that the fussy voice speaks.”

The feature of Balthus’s works is that it has a strong personality desiring to face one on one, not for people with greatest common denominality. And the talk that a loud voice that the audience can tell is only for individuals and it talks about secret things that can not be heard if those who listen also listen with a sincere attitude. Also, although this story is flat and easy to understand, accompanied by a dense sign that attracts people, most of them are difficult and difficult to understand and sometimes invited to solve puzzles.

I think that I knew Mr. Balthus and its work before the Kyoto exhibition in 1984 which was released in Japan for the first time. Since the work was a masterpiece of adolescence, it was attractive to show unique tension and provocative place. However, I was a young man who was not satisfied with adults yet and was struggling to establish himself. Such a person fills up as a base stone at your feet rather than saying that you find out what you can count on and understand them. Responsive one Reliable one possibility possibly valuable thing strange things etc. I searched for things that seemed to have various values ​​and buried it at my feet.
This will be the foundation to support himself later, but for those who aim for creation it also serves as the source of nurturing their own soil. For me it was his work that was put in the most deeply rooted part of the foundation of the painting world. And it became a second exhibition event in Japan held in 1993 that wanted to fully understand its full appearance. The venue was publicly signed in front of the latest “Cat Mirror 3” which Mr. Mr. visited in Tokyo station gallery and will be exhibited at this exhibition. But his hand seemed to be slightly trembling. I thought, “This is a remains work.” And he feared the ability to show the highest reach to the remains.
This is the beginning of the motivation to write this book. Fortunately Mr. continues to make a work but dies in the beginning of 2001, eight years later. This death brought a great loss of feeling to many enthusiasts. One of them, I felt the fluctuation of the foundation stone buried in my feet. This book can be said to work to confirm this loss feeling again and to confirm basement stones.

I prepared various preparations to fully understand the world of Mr. and studied all the works, but what I saw here is the fact that Mr. Mr. has been walking in and the high and steep mountains are formed at any moment There is. This changed my prospect to a mountaineering ascending to this high and steep mountain. I check the shape and texture color etc of what mountain this mountain is and measure its altitude. The way to aim for this climb can trace the path carved by the great predecessor but I would like to aim for the summit while exploring my own way as Mr. Takao himself was not tracing it without difficulty. And if I can stand on that, I think that the sight that can overlook from here will know the height that Mr. made. This book is a mountaineering record climbing a big mountain called Balthus and it is a sighting story. And it is also an adventure challenge to clarify the mystery filled with that dense sign.

All works mentioned here are based on the catalog · Resone published from Garimar in 1999. The score production orders numbered according to this work are also in accordance with this. In Lesone, the total number of works is set at 349 points, but in this book we added two points, “Mitsu” and “Ryuugaoka”, plus one score in the postcard of Resone and one not yet posted and three points drawn after publication. As a result, the total number of works is 356 points. Here is the book production and works using oil painting and tempela

Drawing-like works using oil paintings are also included. There are at least three works that have not been posted in this book. These are the incomplete and naked women’s statues that are incomplete and close to achromatic colors and the masterpiece left in the studio of “Monte Carvello’s landscape” and Rosinier’s studio.

Preliminary knowledge
There is something I want you to understand a bit before entering the text. This is obviously useless for those who know, but I would like you to read it as a review for new or for new. Here I wrote about Mr. and his personality as a painter and additionally the attractiveness of art and beautiful painting expressions and figures.

A painter called Balthus.
Balthus is known as a painter who paints adolescent girls but its overall appearance is by no means the only thing to stay. In the works drawn in the teenagers, they found out irrelevant living together with the children playing in the park, and in the adolescence the girls provoking the hidden sex provocatively and dressing up depict the radiance of the life emanating from the nude ing. It also reveals the worlds of yang and shadow seen in urban life and portrayal shows the fact through human appearance. Moreover, if you draw a great landscape of nature, you find infinity and eternal existence there, and also depict the purity of everyday life full of bright sunlight.And in the later years the aim was aimed at more sublimated perfection and succeeded in establishing a world established by a certain relationship. Many of these diverse and carefully selected contents are always enigmatic, while always feeling a dense sign. It is also pursuing not only the content but also the possibilities of expression of paintings and depicts work that emphasizes flattening and composition while omitting the three-dimensional effect while showing changes from realistic expression to concrete expression. Moreover, it also produces a heavy skin which we developed independently. It is obvious that these various works are irresistible and irresistible works of each and are created by the intelligence which judges the true nature eye and the essence of the thing even if there is such a width.

Person called Baltus
When talking about a person named Balthus, impression stories written by Mr. F. Fellini of the film director are famous. * “It has already been a few years since I came to know Baltus and he said that he would not come to the studio as if he had come up but when he comes to the date he promised As if to delay that time and postpone it as if to try to raise expectations.We kept talking for a long time in front of the silent garden of the pavilion which was a metaphor of ” Or was it a purification ceremony? Just as though I thought that it is necessary to pay off my dust by paying off the trip without rushing like a pilgrim arrived at the sacred place. In this way the image of Baltus which was made in me was completed. That is the image of the symbolic keeper of the art in which the flow of the image like the priest who teaches the secret law has accumulated. “This is a fairly accurate and symbolic impression about Baltus. And as I wrote about Ferini’s appearance that later became commonly seen in TV and other interviews, it appeared as a noble and mysterious painter who respects tradition. Those remarks showed seriousness and kind of stubbornness instead of strict smile. But it was certainly one aspect of his later years and certainly had another side. The book that Mr. Mr. who was a hard worker is Belgian cartoonist Mr. Erju’s “Tintin”, the title of the book which was drawn on “Katya reading book” in his later years is “Roman Tintin” It was said that it was. It is erased without being left until completion. One aspect of understanding such a funny taste is also told by the memories of Mrs. sons. Mr. Stanislas of the eldest son said that he would borrow a hammer that he used to play as a child when he was young,